Penreach is a non-profit in-service education development program that improves the teaching skills of qualified and unqualified educators and their schools in Mpumalanga and the surrounding areas. it has resulted in the upliftment of local communities through improvement in education and quality schools and has been recognised by numerous awards.

Penreach holds weekly skills development workshops for educators.

Workshops are supplemented by daily visits to schools by experienced field advisors. In addition to workshops for educators, tutorial workshops are offered to Mathematics and Physical Science learners. Penreach is currently piloting a program called Principals Reaching Principals, involving the in-service mentoring and coaching of principals by a retired principal. Penreach’s Ndzalo Mobile Science Laboratory, launched in September 2008, has become a frequent and welcome visitor to schools in the region and has revolutionized the teaching of Science at the schools it visits.

Beneficiaties include:

  • Pre-primary school educators
  • Primary school educators
  • High school educators (with focus on Mathematics, Physical Science and English development)
  • School Governing bodies
  • School Management Teams
  • Mathematics and Physical Science learners
  • Early Childhood Development educators attending Level 4 Natioanl Qualifications Framework (NQF) courses.
  • Principals

Penreach began working with 40 educators from 10 schools in 1994. It has grown exponentially and now reaches more than 2000 educators a year, representing over 900 schools; an estimated 350 000 learners from mainly rural areas benefit from Penreach annually. 100% of the beneficiaries of penreach are black; at least 94% are women, and over 50% are from rural areas.

The Mission statement of Penreach is: To improve the quality and accessibility of education in disadvantaged communities. Its vision is: To passionately empower the nation through knowledge, guided by values. Penreach is striving to create functional, efficient schools where future generations of young people can acquire the skills they need to take South Africa to new heights as a nation.